Digital account opening experience ranking

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How does the onboarding process impact in the user’s interest in staying with the bank?

The onboarding process is the first time the user comes into contact with the usability, practicality, and security of your app.

In the first semester of 2019, we carried out a study that proved that the onboarding experience directly impacts a person’s interest in staying with a financial institution.

In the graphic below, you can see part of the second version of this study, carried out in the second semester of 2019. It ratifies the correlation between these two processes, which is now of 0.997.

Download the complete study and check out never-before-seen insights into the client onboarding process.

In our study, you’ll also learn:
- What users care about the most in the onboarding process.
- How users perceive approval time and bureaucracy.
- The average onboarding time in the main challenger banks in the country.
- And much more!